Best Production Music Track

Defined as an original or arranged track released for licensing in the respective genre for which relevance is ascribed by keywords and/or meta-tags containing that genre name.

Best Ambient Track.

Best EDM Track.

Best Folk Track.

Best Hip Hop/Urban Track.

Best Jazz Track.

Best Pop/Rock Track.

Best Orchestral Track.

Best Vocal Track.

Best World Track.

Best Dark/Mysterious/Investigative Track.

Best Film Trailer Track.

Best Non Categorical/Wildcard Track.

Best Country Track.

Best Use of Production Music

Defined as the uniquely effective use of an original or arranged library track that compellingly enhances the visual storytelling of the respective production type.

Awards will be given to the best track in each of the following production categories:

Best Use of Production Music In Commercial Advertisement.

Best Use of Production Music In On-Air Promo.

Best Use of Production Music In Theatrical/VIDEO GAME Trailer.

Best Use of Production Music As Theme Song In TV Program.

Best Use of Production Music In Online/Digital Advertising.

Best Production Music Library Artist

Best PML Indie/VOCAL Artist.

Best PML Pop/ROCK Artist.

Best PML Hip Hop/URBAN Artist.

Best PML Country Artist.

Best PML Jazz Artist.

Best PML Folk Artist.

Best Cover Art

Best Cover Art. Either a JPG or PDF upload is required for this category.

Hall of Fame Award

Given to an individual of a current or pre-exisiting production music library whose work has made significant contributions towards the advancement of the production music industry.

Ambassador Award

Given to an individual from any field who has devoted exceptional service towards ensuring a thriving and sustainable production music industry.