The Art & Technique of the American Commercial

Encoding Technical Specifications

HD Encoding Specs:

Screen Size: 1920x1080

Encoding Specs:

Video Compression Type/Codec: H264
Acceptable Extensions: .mov, .mp4
Video Bitrate: 8750 kbits/sec
Frame Rate: Original Frame Rate
Audio Codec: AAC (aka MPEG-4 Audio) IMPORTANT - NOT Low Delay AAC
Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz
Audio Bitrate: 192 kbits/sec

Important Note: Please make sure there is at least one second of black at the head and tail.


If you need help encoding your file, you can use EntryBot. EntryBot is an online system, available 24/7, that automatically formats videos to the proper specs for award show entry. Just upload your file(s), select the CDDP and the file will immediately be processed. EntryBot is optional and is not required to enter CDDP.