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Work may be entered in multiple categories. You will only have to enter your credits and upload your file once and then you can add work to more categories. You will be charged an entry fee for each additional category, but only one upload fee for your video file.

About Case Studies

Case studies should not be entered for any of the AICP Show categories. Only the work as aired will be accepted. If you wish to submit a cut down of a lengthy piece, indicate the running time of the full piece so that the judges are aware they are viewing a cut down.

Case studies or the actual piece are appropriate to enter in all of the AICP Next Awards categories. The exception is Viral/Web Film where the actual film should be entered.

Lengthy Work

There is no running time limit for entries. However, it is acceptable to submit a cut-down of a lengthy piece. The cut-down should be only of aired material (not a director's cut). Indicate the running time of the full length piece so that judges understand they are viewing a cut-down.

AICP reserves the right to request a cut down of a winning piece for screening purposes. The full piece in its entirety will be included in the film archives of the Museum of Modern Art, and will appear on the AICP Awards Archive Website. In the case of lengthy work that consisted of a case study or cut down, the AICP Show Curatorial Committee will determine what is screened for exhibition purposes.

Specific to AICP Next Awards Categories

For the Website category, you may add the URL address but you MUST also upload a video file. It may be a case study or if you do not have one, upload a black video file with the URL address on it so that you are able to finalize your entry.

Important Instructions for Virtual Reality submissions:

To enter work in the Virtual Reality category, entrants must provide the following: