AICE Awards Show


Who can enter the AICE Awards?
Only artists, designers, mixers, colorists, composers and editors from AICP and AMP general member companies whose annual dues are current as of February 28, 2018 are eligible to enter the AICE Awards competition. If your company would like to become a member of AICP, click here.

Does an entry have to have "aired" to be eligible?
Yes. Entries must have first appeared on television, theater, internet, mobile phone, or any other medium able to deliver motion picture imagery as a commercial release, commissioned by a client between February 6, 2017 and February 4, 2018. Spots which will air on the Super Bowl 51 broadcast February 4, 2018 will be eligible.

What are the categories?
There are 27 categories. 18 editing categories and 9 craft categories. The editing categories are Automotive, Content Promotion and Trailers, Comedy, Dialogue/Monologue/Spoken Word, Digital Content (:90 or less), Digital Content (over :90), Docu-Style, Fashion/Beauty, Integration of Licensed Music, Montage, Music Video, National Broadcast Campaign, Regional Broadcast Campaign, Online Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Cause Marketing, Storytelling, and Under $50,000. The specific craft categories are Audio Mix, Color Grading (under :90), Color Grading (over :90), Color Grading Music Video, Licensed Soundtrack or Arrangement, Motion Design & Graphics, Original Music, Sound Design, and Visual Effects. All category entries will automatically be included in the appropriate "Best of Chapter" category at no additional cost.

How do I decide on the category or categories for my entry?

It is important that you enter your work in the correct category. Think strategically.

The judges will ensure that the entries match the category descriptions. For example, a piece that is entered into "Comedy" might clearly be the best-edited piece in the category but still not win if the judges don't feel that the piece belongs in "Comedy" or if they feel there is a piece that better reflects the description of what's required for the entry into the category.

The NATIONAL BROADCAST CAMPAIGN, REGIONAL BROADCAST CAMPAIGN, ONLINE CAMPAIGN AND SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN categories each require the submission of three spots from the same campaign. No more, no less. Three. In addition, a campaign may ONLY be entered in ONE of the four categories.

If I enter a piece in Digital Content, can I also enter it in another category?

Yes. Any piece that is submitted in Digital Content can also be entered into other editorial categories.

How do I enter something?

Choose an appropriate category (or categories) for each entry. Fill in the on-line entry form for each entry then upload the file(s) to the AICE Awards Awards site.

To enter the National Campaign, Regional Campaign, Online Campaign or Social Media Campaign categories you must submit three spots which are part of the campaign.


What is required for entries in the Motion Design & Graphics and Visual Effects categories?
For Motion Design & Graphics, the entrant is encouraged, but not required, to provide a short visual or written explanation of his or her contribution.

For Visual Effects, the entrant is required to provide a short visual or written explanation of his or her contribution.

VISUAL EXPLANATION: Not to exceed 2 minutes. Attach the visual explanation to the end of your entry with one second of black between and submit as a single video element.

WRITTEN EXPLANATION: Not to exceed 300 words. Submit your written explanation on the entry page. Write the description in advance and copy and paste it into the text box on the entry form.

What if I just want to enter my work in the Best Of Chapter category?
You can't. You must enter one of the any other categories and your entry will automatically be entered in the appropriate "Best Of Chapter" category without additional charge. For example, if someone from AICP West submits an entry in the "Comedy" category, that entry will automatically be included in the Best of West category at no charge. The "Best Of Chapter" categories will truly judge the best work from each region, and act as an additional level of competition within each region.

How much does it cost to enter?
The fee for a single entry is $US 250 per entry. In the National Broadcast Campaign, Regional Broadcast Campaign, Online Campaign or Social Media Campaign categories, the fee is $US 300, which covers all three spots required to enter the campaign category. For example, if you submit one entry in the Comedy category, the fee is $US 250. If you submit an entry in the Comedy category and the Dialogue category, the fee is $US 500 (2 x $250). If you submit one entry in the Comedy category, another in the Dialogue category, and three spots in the National Broadcast Campaign category, the fee is $US 800 (2 x $250 + 1 x $300).

What does finalize mean?
Once you have uploaded your entry, all the information about your entry is correct and you have made payment by credit card, your entry is "finalized". Once your entry is finalized, you cannot make changes on-line. If something needs to be corrected, contact AICE at 212 929-3000 or or

What is the entry deadline?
The new and FINAL entry deadline will be Friday, February 16th 2018 at 11:59pm Pacific. This will be the final deadline, there will be no further extension. Checks may sent via overnight service to arrive Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 without penalty.

Should I include slates on my entries?
No. Put one second of black at the head and tail of each entry.

Can I submit an entry after the deadline?
Yes. You can submit an entry after the deadline but only with the express, written permission of the AICE Awards. Fill in an on-line entry form, then email your request for late submission to call 212 929-3000. There is an additional $US 100 fee for each late entry.

What if I have other questions that are not answered here?
If you have other questions, please contact:
212 929-3000